5 comments on “Guernica

  1. I think you did a great job on your analysis of this piece. You clearly stated where the painting was made as well as when and by whom. The relevance of the piece to World War II, as you stated, is easily seen in the painting. I agree with you that the painting portrays the effects of technology at the time. I thought the piece that you attached was also a very moving piece of work, well done!

  2. I really enjoyed your post! You had all the crucial bits and pieces and made sure to elaborate on the connection to WWI and innovations in technology. I really appreciated all the information you put in this post; it shows that you really put time and thought into it. I love that you remember seeing a PBS special on this piece when you were a kid! I also like this piece. It is great how it has so much going on and be so meaningful and use only 4 different colors. Nice!

  3. Excellent post! I particularly enjoyed your personal history and background with the piece. Your “Alaskan version” is a very nice touch that displays further your connection and appreciation for this piece.

    All of the required factual information is stated: title in italics, artists name, location, and date. Source are listed clearly and substantiate your work.

    You connected this piece to World War I and the use of technology to fight wars in general. This is indeed a meaningful political message. Without this explanation I do not think I would have been able to gather this message from the mural alone. Were political meanings such as this common in Picasso’s work?

    Aesthetically this piece challenges me. I have to spend time with it and continue to piece together the various characters and elements to try to understand what is happening. I like the piece for it’s unique abstract style, and complexity. Therefore I much appreciate an accompanying explanation.

    Reading your post has perked my interest in Picasso and I want to seek out this PBS documentary that you mentioned. Great job!

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