2 comments on “Impressionism

  1. I agree with your view on Post-Impressionism, it definitely catches my eye more than Impressionism. Good job of bring specific pieces to support your views, it was very interesting to see your perspective on them. The Rue Montorgueil is very symbolic and the way it is painted, I believe adds a lot the the piece. Nice job, it was a good read.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I share your opinions regarding Impressionism and Post Impressionism. I too favor Post-Impressionism, however I personally wanted to narrow my post to one and decided to write about Impressionism. You chose relevant examples to illustrate your explanation of realistic subject matter such as patriotism delivered in an “impression” technique. Relating the style of this era and that of the Neo-Classical era to your own personal painting added a sense of purpose to your choices and analysis.

    You successfully mentioned all of the factual information such as the artist’s name, title in italics, date, and place of creation. Your aesthetic reaction was clearly explored with specific works cited from both Impressionism but also the required “other” eras were included in your post.

    Good Work!

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