3 comments on “Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition

  1. Great Choice of artwork for your post! So erie ,yet compelling to look at! I love how you chose three pieces so similar, yet made from different materiels. The two statues of men are very emotionally moving. They represent struggle and death to me which are subject matters almost everyone can relate too. I agree with your take on the little boy statue. The pale cold statue a little boy in a contained rectangle does remind me off a coffin. It is a sad image especially since the boys eyes are closed and his face so lifeless. Very successful blog post ,so much fun to read.

  2. The requirements for the assignment were met. There were six paintings, and all had the same theme. The organization of the blog could be better. The bio for each artist was included, however it was buried in the bottom. The reactions to a few of the works were good however, some were lacking, and it was not thorough. Other than that it was a very nice blog. I agree that the red grenade is a very striking addition to the sculpture.

  3. Wow! I really enjoy your post. The layout of the images you chose is well done, and the sculptures themselves are really neat. I love the effect of melting in and out of the wall. Pugliese’s figures were more aesthetically appealing, where Schoonraad’s were wonderful yet depressing. I enjoyed the effect Pugliese used in “Ad Astra” where the figure seemed to be interacting with the wall. The meaning you described with Schoonraad’s child pieces is valuable and very true, the unfortunate role children play in this world at times. I agree with your feeling on Schoonraad’s use of the red grenade in “Boy Soldier Red Grenade”. You stated all of the factual information, artist’s name, title in italics, place and dates all post 1975. The short biographies on the artists were thorough enough, and helped give background on the pieces themselves. The theme of your exhibit is clear and consistent. It took me a minute to figure out which title went with which piece. I found that if I put my mouse arrow on the piece the title is revealed, but it would have been nice if the titles were paired with the pictures. Otherwise this post is amazing-great job! Is this the type of work you do as an artist? Are these pieces inspirational to you? thanks.

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