Solo Shows

2013 Restoration: Salmon skin masks, drums, vases, and bowls, Halibut skin masks, Moose hide silhouette

2012 A Broken Vessel: Fish skin bags and bowl forms

2012 Changing Seasons:  Masks made of ; Recycled Glass, Salmon Skin, Ceramic, Cast Bronze

2012 Lay Your Burdens Down: Senior Thesis Exhibition, Moose Hide, Wood, Cast Bronze, Ceramic, Salmon Skin, Steel, Artificial Sinew

2011 Transformation: Mask made of; Salmon skin, Cast Bronze, Recycled Copper Pipe, Recycled storm window and  bottle glass

2011 Caught In-Between: Ceramic Sculptures, Acrylic Paintings on Woven Muslin Canvas

Invitational Shows

2013 Clare to Clare Fashion Show: Halibut Moto-Jacket and Ombre Salmon Skin Dress

2013 Up and Coming: Ceramic wall pieces, Salmon skin bags, and Cast bronze 

2 comments on “Shows

  1. Hello,
    I treasure the work wi salmon.
    I lived with the Eskimos in AK.
    I carreid salmon mother in my arms on my arms
    and never brushed the scales which fell into my dreams. That was on the Mtatole River in Northern

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