2 comments on “Blog 8 Non Western Art

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I chose “Echo of a Scream” for my Blog #7, another piece by Siqueiros. I agree that learning about his history in political struggle coupled with his time in jail helps to understand his work with more depth, but how would you relate political struggle to this particular piece? I wonder if the mountains of “Paisaje” are a location with relevance to his struggle?

    Interestingly enough, this piece does not feel emotionally dark to me personally. I cannot say that this piece relates happiness, or light feelings either. It is as complex as the natural world with a sort of busy use of color. I particularly enjoyed your analysis of form and style. I appreciate your contribution as an artist. I would not have thought of the symmetrical aspect with a centered focus nor would I have picked up on the flatness of the piece had you not pointed it out.

    All of the factual requirements have been met including artist, title in italics, date and place of creation. You cited a source, and included an image of the work chosen.

    Thank you!

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