3 comments on “Donatello’s David

  1. Donatello’s Statue of David is an incredible piece. I resonate with your attraction to this piece as the technical skill involved is phenomenal.The long curly hair and the hat struck me immediately without knowing anything about the piece as being unique. The required mentions appear to be in place:title in italics, artist, location, Medici connection, and citation.I appreciate the depth in this post with historical background.The Medici’s in particular were an interesting aspect to the story having been a bit taboo with commissioning this piece. I enjoyed reading the historical facts pertaining to homosexuality being outlawed, and the true to times hair style the statue displayed.

  2. It is interesting to read about the facts of the piece after seeing it. It is extremely feminine, such a contrast to the statues we usually equate with David. The hat, hair, and posture/pose all seem to be a juxtaposition to the model, it’s interesting to know that they are relative to the time. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork for sure.

  3. Great post! You had all of the criteria for this assignment and it’s obvious that you really took the time to research this statue. It’s also apparent that you really do find this piece to be interesting, but then again, who wouldn’t?! This truely is a great statue and I really enjoyed all of the supported, well-written facts that you offered. Not to mention, the history behind the artwork, including David himself. I completely agree with the feminine nature of the statue, it certainly is rather different from other pieces of David, but I suppose that’s why this statue is so interesting!

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